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Style Services



Stop over shopping & over spending!

Do you want to:

  • Create outfits that are FIGURE FLATTERING, FLEXIBLE, & FUN?
  • Use pieces interchangeably to create more options with your existing wardrobe?
  • Manage and style your hair with the right tools and products based on your specific style, length, design and texture?
  • Wear the right make-up products and colors that are best suited to you and complement your features?
  • Experience more confidence in your overall appearance?

We take away the guess work to create styles you'll love to wear over and over again.

Who We Work With

We work with everyone of all ages to help you look and feel your best.

Working with clients in Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brantford and the entire GTA area. 

Located outside of the GTA? We're happy to negotiate time and travel arrangements and any additional costs that may apply. 

Hair Styling Services


Style Sessions

A La Carte



Hair Care 2.0

No two people have the same type of hair, and each one requires different needs. From how to wash it, to how to manage it, to what looks best on you, you'll learn how to make it your best accessory!

*Blow out and styling included

Make Up Makeover

A guided session of personalized style and application you can do successfully and incorporate into your everyday regime.  An in-depth review of your current routine, skin care, products, and tools.  A full analysis of face shape, skin type and colour matching for proper skin tone.  Customized recommendations of products and tools to suit your needs. 

*Make up application included

Next Level Detailing 

Learn how to create exceptional style by using accessories to take it to the next level.  An in-depth style analysis to determine what best suits you, how to use what you currently own, and recommendations that you can apply to your current wardrobe.

*A great way to declutter and make space for the right ones.

Contact Linda now to book a session. Save more when you purchase more than one.

Style Sessions



Closet Review & Audit

An in-depth review of your current wardrobe, including footwear, accessories, outerwear and under garments. Using Linda's 3 Step Process, we address what items are working for you, and make recommendations for items that need replacing and or removing.  Items that are able to be donated are taken to be repurposed/donated to a charity of your choice

A great kick start to the start of any season!

Body Shape Session

From what style of jeans suit you, to the best neckline, a body shape analysis will help you discover what styles best suits your silhouette for most figure flattering looks. Recommendations for outfit designs to compliment your shape. A personalized Style Look Book is designed for you to use for ideas and references.

A must have for any body shape!

Colour Combinations


We all have some idea of what colours look good on us, but do you know how to combine them to make different colour schemes? What about which colour scheme is best for you? Experience a personalized in-depth colour analysis and colour scheme that best suits you. Understand how to combine them to create  outfits that carry your message effectively through the power of colour. A customized Style Look Book is designed for you to use for ideas and references. 

A fun girls night party!

Contact Linda now to book. Combine any or all sessions and save.
*Approx 3 hours


Work With Me



The quick and easy way to shake up your wardrobe

Need a kickstart to the season or do you have a special event coming up and want to get the perfect outfit? A fresh and easy way to update your wardrobe and have the joy of guided shopping with a style consultant. A review of your current needs with a focus on what you want to add to create new outfits. We do a review of what you want to focus on and set a date/time to shop, making the most of our time together to create updated, modern outfits you'll love to wear.

Whether you get this for yourself or give this as a gift to your friends, family, or employees, this package is full of value and always well received.

Special Event 

Interviews- Important Events-Mother of the Bride/Groom 

Do you have a special event or important conference you want to look your best for?

Our main objective is to remove any stress! First, we determine your needs and assess your goals. Then a full colour, style, and body shape analysis. Personalized details designed specifically with your needs in mind; like capsule development, packing requirements, or seamstress visits are included. Assessing hair and make-up styles are created with your goal in mind for best results for the special occasion. Pre shopping is provided to determine the right stores/boutiques that have the right items you need for your special event. Then we have a shopping session and any appointments for alterations included. Wrapping it all up with the day of event! Personal styling, hair and make-up and/or any preparations to have you perfect for your important event.

The best way to save you precious time and money!

Redesign Your Look 



 Discover where you're at, where you want to be, and create a plan to get you there.

Body, Shape, Colour analysis. An extensive closet audit session. Goals, wants and needs to understand how to get you there. A Shopping session to get all the items required to move you to the next level. (stores determined based on location, product availability and budget). Finished with the Create beautiful outfits session where we put outfits together with your new items and show you how to optimize your wardrobe. Personalized Style Look Book created for you for ideas and references. 

Our most popular package!

Redefine Your Image  

A head to toe transformation

A total transformation from your head to your toe!

This customized 4 season program gives you a complete head to toe transformation. Seasonal Closet Audits. 4 Shopping sessions built around special events/seasonal needs. An in-depth hairstyle makeover with focus on your needs to optimize the right style, design, and colour that suits you. A guided make-up session based on your skin type, face shape, with product needs and tools required to give you a consistent look every time. 2 make-up and hairstyle sessions throughout the program (can be used separately or together). 4 Create beautiful outfits sessions applied per season. Guided video shop board for the latest styles, trends and deals.

*Includes full access to The Style Compass Academy.

Monthly payment options available. Savings provided if paid in full.

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