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5 Easy ways to look slimmer WITHOUT wearing black

Discover how these simple and easy tips can transform your look, and help you look and feel slimmer

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5 Easy Ways to look slimmer WITHOUT wearing Black

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What Can A Styling Expert 

Do For You?



Gain Confidence
When you get dressed each day get a boost instead of feeling drained.

Take Control
You can make a lasting impact on the way other people perceive you.

Know Your Body
And how to find clothes that fit the body instead of forcing your body to fit the clothes. 

Greater Success
The impression you make & the confidence you gain build toward lasting success. 


Save Money
The most expensive items in your wardrobe are the ones you don't wear.

Take The Pain Out of Shopping
Do you hate shopping? It's much easier & more fun with someone who knows how to shop.

More Efficient
Know how to make best use of each item in your wardrobe for greater effect & efficiency.

Express Yourself
Don't feel like your clothes really represent who you are? Find your personalized style!

Why A Wardrobe Stylist is Exactly What You Need

Each morning, many of us start our day with a ritual that depletes our self-confidence and drains our energy. We get dressed in the same drab clothes that just feel "good enough."

Is this you?

Are you rifiling through your drawers, digging through your closet, and still feel like you have nothing to wear?

Do you feel defeated when trying to dress for a big day, exactly when you really need that confidence?

And then we take that drop in confidence, that self-loathing, and that a joyful process! The clothes you put on in the morning should be a boost of confidence exactly when you need it.

It's not that hard to change this ritual into a positive one and I can teach you exactly how. 

Imagine how it would feel to get a rush of self-affirmation each morning simply by putting on the right clothes. 

Call now and find out for yourself!

Maximize your STYLE with Minimum EFFORT

We get it, life is busy.

If you're an entrepreneur busy building your business, an empty nester, or someone experiencing a new chapter in your life...there's one thing we all share in common

We've spent time focusing on other things, we ignored ourselves, and our appearance.

Now is your time to turn your attention back to you!

Learn how the right outfits can change how you show up in the world and change how you see yourself.

Making time for yourself is the greatest form of SELF LOVE.

Style Services

"Never underestimate how Looking Good, Feels Good!"

- Linda Lauridsen
Certified Fashion Style & Image Consultant in Toronto, specializes in helping you to translate your personality and the impression you want to make into a professional personalized style.

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Hear more about that great feeling from some of our many satisfied clients

Getting in touch with Linda, and conducting an image consultation has changed the way I see myself, and given me the confidence to wear clothes and colours I wouldn’t have generally picked out. I now have the tools to understand what suits me, both in terms of colour and in cut, as well as some general style rules.

Gillian, Burlington

After casually mentioning to Linda what I was planning to wear for a key interview the next day, Linda provided me with some easy to implement suggestions on how to improve my outfit her ideas were easy to follow and not that expensive, I went to the interview the next day filled with confidence, knowing I looked polished and professional. I got the job.

Abby P

I went through some personal and professional changes recently and as a result my image needed some updating. Linda helped me determine what my colours are, and to understand my body type and the clothing that best suits it. She assessed my current wardrobe and accessories, and then she had pre-selected clothing for me and a recommended store. I now know how to dress for success and feel great at the same time. The experience increased my confidence and I feel I am able to portray the real me. Linda is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thanks Linda!

Andrea B

Linda's Beauty and Fashion Advisor
Services Can Help!

Linda is a professional Fashion Image Consultant, who has spent over 30 years in the beauty industry. She has established herself as a successful business owner, stylist, mentor, educator and speaker.

Unlike many consultants, Linda's extensive experience in hair, make-up and imaging gives her an unparalleled edge. She holds expertise as a personal image consultant, fashion advisor, and personal shopper Toronto residents can count on. 

Linda has worked with both individuals and companies at all levels of business who want to understand how confidence and image go hand in hand, and why we need to own it. 

These companies and more have partnered with Linda when they want their teams to learn the power of dressing for success, and establishing their business brand. Linda has appeared on Downright Domestic and written for an international magazine on the world of image consulting. 

Personalized styling services that make an immediate impact.

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My Passion is...

"I believe something as simple as getting dressed can have a profound effect on how we feel, how we view ourselves, and how it impacts our day. The negative narrative is so often on repeat, we barely recognize how often we do it, or what a habit it has become. My mission is to help you shut down that negative voice, and replace it with something far kinder...self acceptance. Acceptance of how you see yourself, and how this act of kindness to yourself can change the way you present yourself to the world. 

It is my life's purpose to help you see, feel and look as good on the inside as you do on the outside."

Linda Lauridsen

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