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Modern  Solutions for Midlife Style

Simple Style Strategies and Solutions for your every need

Are you tired of struggling with ‘I don’t know what to wear?' or ‘I don’t know what looks good on me anymore?’

We hear you; and we see you. 

I help you gain back your confidence and define your own kind of style by discussing your wants and needs, wishes and goals.

We make your wardrobe work for you- whether it's for your lifestyle, work style, traveling, or a special occasion, our goal is for you to look and feel your best in every situation.

Creating a package that is tailored to your needs takes out the guess work and gives you the professional attention you deserve.

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The Style Compass Academy 

Discover what makes a great outfit for you and personalize it to your specific needs in just 5 easy steps!

Some of the topics you will discover in this community:

  • Learn HOW to create your best look on any shape/size
  • Know WHY it looks good so you can repeat it again and again
  • Get Sample Look Ideas from an industry expert
  • Apply it EVERY DAY for any occasion
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Style Services


At The Style Compass we know how frustrating it can be to shop. 

With busy schedules, body shapes changing, and fewer stores to chose from, getting great selection and value can be an overwhelming feeling.  Getting  professional, knowledgeable guidance to help you shop, create, and wear the best styles, colours, and outfits for YOU is what sets us apart from the rest. 

Get from frumpy to fabulous at any age!

Our aim is to help you be your beautiful self, inside and out.


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